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About Us

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Qualified applicants with the necessary experience, relevant training and paperwork that prove we meet the highest standards.  We strive to serve all our clients with integrity and respect.
First of all we aim to support and advance the movement towards a greener future in the industry therefore our slogan:           
“Go Green or Go Home”

Looking for the best painting / waterproofing system for your house or building...?
We Have The Solution!!!

Determining which system to install depends on a variety of conditions and the most important factor one must take into consideration is our local environmental conditions.
While most painting / waterproofing systems perform excellent in virtually all weather conditions, certain systems are better equipped  & designed for specific structures and environmental conditions.
Your concerns & frustrations are of great importance to us & we will provide a painting / waterproofing system that will meet your needs.
Our product warrants excellent guarantees and is done according to manufacturers specifications.

Please be aware off contractors that work without credentials and specifications. We do not want the client to become the victim; it is your right as consumer to ask for quality assurance, specifications and written guarantees.

Our waterproofing product is FM Global approved.

You’re Property Investment Can Be Protected!
Kind Regards
Marius Alberts
Sales & Marketing
Coatings Inspector level 2